World Malaria Day 2012

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Hello dears!

I hope you had a wonderful Earth day yesterday and that you participated in an act of Earth appreciation. If you did I'd be delighted to see your pictures and to read about your events, please do send me links.

This coming Wednesday is going to be World Malaria Day and I find myself asking "what can I do?" "What can I contribute to the fight?"

When it comes to working to combat health issues it takes a joint effort from government, health practitioners and the general public. According to the World Health Organisation whose new initiative is T3: Test, Treat, Track that's due to launch tomorrow, one of the ways to fight malaria is for countries that have high numbers in malaria  infections and their donors to make diagnostics and  treatment available on a wide scale. The biggest emphasis being on early diagnostic and surveillance systems.

The theme for this year's World Malaria Day from the official website is Sustain gains and Save lives, which is fitting because according to the site deaths cause by malaria have been cut by three thirds here on the African continent. I was also pleased to read that even countries outside out of the African continent have seen a decrease in malaria related deaths by a quoted "50% in about 35 of the 53 countries" affected by the disease. With child mortality dropping by a 20% in places where there is access to prevention and care.

As with any improvement, this change is still fragile unless policy makers and donors ensure that malaria control is made a priority. The main victims of the disease like most diseases rampant in poor areas are mothers and children.

This then makes my priority this World Malaria Day to find out what I can do to help with prevention of the disease and sustain the decreasing numbers. I'm not a health specialist or seasoned traveler so the only advice I can give seasoned travelers who might be at risk of infection is that when in doubt just vaccinate.

I value getting more knowledge and information, if there are organisations that provide education and ways for ordinary citizens to get involved please let me know. Send me links.

Enjoy the rest of your week and your Freedom day.

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