Would you, could you, sleep like this?

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For most, their dream bed involves a plush Sealy mattress wrapped in some beautiful linens topped off with the fluffiest pillows. But, it appears that we are not all cut from the same cloth. I am not sure if we should be celebrating these folks creativity or laughing out loud...

Would you, could you sleep in any of these? 

1. Shark attack - as if dreaming about this isn't bad enough, you can actually  choose to snooze in a 'friendly' shark's mouth.

shark attack sleeping bag copy

2. Snow suit - could work well for TV addicts, new parents and/or puppy owners.walking sleep bag copy

3. Pizza snooze - not sure I would like my toes trapped in that pointy bit all night. veg pizza bag copy

4. Burger bed - Only a fast-food fan would have the time to make a round bed every morning.hamburger bed copy

5. Chocoholics beware - I would not be able to think of anything else but getting my hands on some chocalat!

chocolate bed copy

6. What's in your sandwich? It even comes on a plate with a menu headboard. Better than a burger bed? sandwich bed copy

7. Adam & Eve - This sleeping bag is suppose to enhance your chance of romantic feelings... could this be paradise?

adam and eve copy

Please let us know! The Sealy team would love to hear which you would choose.

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