Xhosa inspired bedding- how the past is showing up on the runway

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I find myself tiring of euro-centric bedroom decor. It all seems so similar and safe and contrived. I can appreciate white, off white, grey and blue grey and how it contributes to a calm sleep environment but I am finding that as a South African surrounded by eclectic, colourful cultures it seems a pity to shy away from all things bold and beautiful (minus the Bold & Beautiful soapy).

Once a month we will be having a look at one of our awesome cultures - where they have come from (in terms of bedroom decor) and where they are at currently (in terms of global decor trends).

The images below resonate with what we know of traditional Xhosa heritage. The circular kraal, the wooden headrest, the minimalist woven mat and the colourful, yet practical blankets that double as coats and capes. Its what you expect to see in the Transkei and is still the norm in many of the more rural parts of the beautiful Eastern Cape.

xhosa kraal copy reed mat better copy amakwetha copy xhosa headrest copy

However, there are many designers hailing from Eastern Cape heritage who are finding their work has success not only in the Johannesburg and Cape Town CBDs but also internationally. They are bringing their unique Xhosa touch to fashion and decor on the world stage.

xhosa backpackers copy modern xhosa blanket copyLadumo copy stoned cherrie copy

Have a deeper look at the work of Laduma Ngxokolo and Stoned Cherrie  for further inspiration. Why not claim a little SA heritage or support one of our many talented local designers by adding some Proudly South African to your home?


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