Yoga poses that get you to bed faster

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Since we published our blog Yoga techniques to help you sleep, hundreds of our readers have been fired up about getting to sleep faster. Here are the five top poses that come highly recommended by you - the reader!

Remember - these can be done on the floor or on your bed!

1. Child's pose

This pose is great for release your upper back muscles which are prone to tightness from activities such as typing, hanging washing and carrying children.

child pose copy

2. Corpse pose

This pose is great for getting to sleep. This pose allows you to calm your body and mind before drifting off.

corpse pose copy

3. Legs up the wall

A favourite for those with lower back pain, tired legs or swollen ankles. This pose releases tight hamstrings commonly found in office workers and drivers who spend most of their day sitting.

legs up wall copy

4. Seated side bend

This pose opens the hips, diaphragm and shoulders. The difficulty is keeping the bum bones on the ground. Make sure to do this pose to both sides to maintain balance.

seated side bend copyReaching twist pose

Many of you may have done this stretch at school. It gives rotation which many of us lack in our day to day lives. It is very relaxing and leaves you feeling like you have had a full body massage.


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