Yoga techniques to help you snooze

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We all know that exercise is a great way to regulate your sleep-wake cycle. Exercise fights all the baddies that often cause sleep disorders like sleep apnea, anxiety, aches and pains and snoring.

Yoga can be practiced as a form of exercise, meditation or as a series of breathing techniques to detox and calm the body and mind. If you struggle to fall asleep fast here are some yoga breathing techniques, yoga routines and yoga poses that will do the trick.

1. Yoga breathing techniques

There are a range of different techniques - some easier than others to perfect. The two that are promoted in Yoga Breathing Techniques To Fall Asleep Fast  by Heidi Kristoffer found on the Shape Magazine website are Alternate Nostril breathing and Deep Throat breathing. Follow the link for more info.


2. Yoga routines

There are many short routines but here are two that promise wonderful slumber.

This one is by sleeppeacefullynow

and another - Yoga For Deep Sleep with Tara Stiles found on the LivestrongWoman website.



3. Yoga poses

Certain poses are said to help the body towards sleep rather than to help the body towards activity. Here are two sets of poses that look very promising.

The Best Before-Bed Yoga Sequence for Slumber by Lizzie Fuhr found on the fit sugar webiste



and Yoga Poses That Put You To Sleep by Kathryn Budig found on the Women's Health Magazine website.


Why not pick one technique that appeals to you and try it our for a few days. Don't forget to let us know how it goes!

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