Your night cap – is it ruining your sleep?

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Here are some great ideas for the last drink of your day. Here, we list the BEST and the WORST night caps and explain why...


  1. Warm milk with honey: calcium + magnesium + a little bit of sweetness = fast asleep in no time.
  2. Warm water with honey and lemon: hydration + sweetness + vitamin C = Zzzzzzzzzzz
  3. Rooibos tea/Peppermint tea/Chamomile tea: Hydration + anti-inflammatory properties + antioxidants = Sweet dreams...


Your favourite beer: Beer is full of bubbles (have some gas) and full of wheat & barley (have some more gas). This carbonated and carbohydrate-rich drink converts to sugar when digested. It also contains alcohol which causes increased night wakening and disrupted sleep patterns. The discomfort from the gas, the severe sugar spike and alcohol mean less sleep.

A better option? A whiskey or half a glass of red wine.

Vodka and coke: Caffeine, sugar and alcohol... a lethal combination if you are looking for a good night's sleep.

A better option? Vodka, lime and water.

A mug of hot chocolate: When made from instant hot chocolate powder, added sugar and low fat milk, a mug of hot chocolate becomes full of sugar and additives rather than cocoa.

A better option? Use raw cocoa, honey and full cream milk.

A cup of Coffee: Coffee that is caffeinated should not be drunk after 2pm. The caffeine will delay your sleep onset. You may feel invincible but you are actually sleep deprived.

A better option: Decaffeinated coffee or try the 'new' cool kid on the block... herbal tea.


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