Zumba got you hooked?

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It’s always good to have options… and exercise is no exception. Exercise is a sure-fire way to find better sleep, and the Sealy team are all about bringing you the Best.Sleep.Ever.

In the past few weeks we have given you fabulous and FREE pilates, yoga, walking, hiking and dance workouts to get you moving at home and around your neighbourhood.

If you find exercise dull and need more than your own motivation to get you going, then you may want to consider joining a fitness craze that's popular with the whole family (including the grannies!) across the globe.

Zumba is "pretty much the most awesome workout ever. Dance to great music, with great people, and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it."  Zumba happens in 180 countries. There are 15 million people dancing in 200 000 locations... and that's excluding the folk who do Zumba workouts from their homes. Zumba is a BIG thing. There's even a Zumba dance app for goodness sake.

So why should you get dancing?? In case you forgot exercise improves your cardiovascular health, decreases central obesity which is linked to sleep disorders, produces endorphins which fight depression and anxiety and swallows up stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Add music and you are likely to end up exercising harder, for longer as well as lifting your mood so long as the tunes have a great, lively beat.

Visit the official Zumba site for more or  click here for your free coupon.


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